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What are facial injectables and how do they work?


For the past couple of years, facial injectables have been the talk of the town. Facial injectables on the Gold Coast have become incredibly popular, as well as in other locations across Australia and the world. People of all ages and genders are opting to have the non-intrusive treatment in order to subtly and effectively improve their looks without needing to go under the knife.


What is a facial injectable?

Facial injectables can be referred to by many names, including: facial fillers, dermal fillers, facial injections, wrinkle fillers and facial filler work. Cosmetic treatments, like facial injections, should only ever be conducted by a professional medical expert or local dental practice. The exact method of treatment will depend largely on your unique circumstances and the plan created by your dentist to meet your needs.

The injections are usually comprised of collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyl apatite, or a mixture of all three. Though, some dentists and cosmetic surgeons may use other dermal fillers depending on the desired look. Essentially, facial injections ‘fill’ the skin to eliminate wrinkles and sagging. They cover the signs of tissue breakdown within the skin.

Facial injections can be completed on various features of the face. Most commonly, the fillers are inserted into the lip, cheek, chin, forehead and greater eye regions. Anywhere where wrinkles become deep is a suitable place to have facial injections.

Generally speaking, the effects of facial features do not last eternally. They can augment the skin for any period between three months and one year. Therefore, most people will have ongoing cosmetic injectable treatment to ensure the upkeep of their appearance is maintained.


Why do you need facial injectables?

Wrinkles are a natural feature that appear over many years of laughing, smiling, talking, eating and moving. Unfortunately, wrinkles can cause some people to feel aged. It can often feel as though wrinkles and sagginess cover natural appearances and exhaust people of their youth.

Facial injectables are typically sought by those who want to boost their appearance and obtain a more youthful, healthy and strong look. They help to smoothen skin, relax the face and lift prominent facial features. As well as having a physical impact on appearance, having facial injectables is known to increase confidence, awareness, self-worth and overall mental wellbeing.

Facial injectables are loved by the community because they do not change one’s appearance, instead they enhance it. Other surgical cosmetic procedures can often be considered to alter a person’s features and change who they are. However, facial injectables are a much less intrusive method of cosmetic enhancement and they merely amplify the pre-existing beautiful features of a face. Essentially, cosmetic injections are one of the most humble and unpretentious forms of beauty enhancement.


Why you shouldn’t get facial injectables.

The negative effects of facial fillers are minimal and rare. Most people who have facial cosmetic treatment will have no negative outcomes, and they will voluntarily receive this form of cosmetic treatment for their rest of their lives.

When you choose to get your facial treatment from the best dental clinic in Palm Beach, your dental professional will ensure that precautions are taken that reduce your risk. They will ask questions regarding your allergies and previous cosmetic experience to understand whether you are eligible for facial injections.


How much do facial injections cost?

The cost of facial injections in Queensland will vary greatly from clinic to clinic. Anti-wrinkle injections on specific locations of the face can cost anywhere between $100-$250. However, trickier areas like underarms or necks can be triple that price. Facial injectables on lips, cheeks and hands can cost anywhere between $300-$800.

It is important that you do not always opt for the cheapest facial injectable option, as low prices can sometimes indicate a lack of quality or care. The most popular dentists on the Gold Coast will charge reasonable prices and ensure that they take the time to properly assess, evaluate and treat your face.  The best dentists will respect your particular budget and source a solution that can meet your needs without putting you in debt.


Where can you get facial injectables on the Gold Coast?

If you are seeking cosmetic treatment on the Gold Coast, the qualified team at Dental Haus can assist you. Our cosmetic injectables are suitable as a standalone treatment, or they can be an additional treatment to other cosmetic dental repairs. We provide various anti-wrinkle injections and facial injectables in our renowned dental clinic in Palm Beach.

With the Dental Haus team, your journey to an improved appearance will be supported by friendly dentists and qualified professionals who truly want the best outcomes for you. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable, provide genuine care and advice, and allow you to feel the best you can.

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