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Same Day Crowns On The Gold Coast


Sometimes dental work can’t wait. When you’re not happy with your teeth, it can take a toll on your wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.

If you have important events coming up or are experiencing pent-up frustration with the appearance of your teeth, the best solution is fast and effective dental treatment on the Gold Coast.

In this article, the team at Gold Coast Dental Haus will be giving a brief explainer of what same day crowns are and what you can expect when you come into a dentist near me for same day crown treatment.

Firstly, What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a covering that goes over your existing teeth, creating the appearance of a natural and life-like tooth. They are often used to improve the appearance of teeth which have been damaged, cracked, fractured, or decayed to the extent where a portion of the original tooth is missing. Traditionally they are made of a dental material, such as porcelain.

How Long Does It Take To Have A Dental Crown Installed?

For a long time, having a dental crown installed has taken two or more appointments.

In the first appointment, it used to be common (and still is with many dentists) that your dentist will assess your mouth and recommend a crown. Then they will remove some of the tooth structure, making it suitable to hold the dental crown.

Then, the dentist would take an impression of your damaged tooth. This would then be sent off to an external dental lab who produces your crown off-site. This process can take a week, two weeks, or even longer in some instances.

When the crown is ready, you would traditionally have to book another appointment and go in again. Finally, the dentist will bond the crown and the process will be complete.

What Are Same Day Crowns?

Same day crowns are a popular form of dental treatment offered by a select group of leading Palm Beach dental clinics. They allow you to have a crown fitted in one single dental appointment at your Palm Beach dentist. This enables you to get on with your life immediately after obtaining the results you desire.

The main difference between clinics that offer same day crowns and those that don’t relates to the quality of the technology on-site, and the clinic’s willingness to invest in modern, industry-leading technology to ensure the best experience possible for their clients.

At Gold Coast Dental Haus, our dentist Palm Beach has on-site dental technology that produces a crown on the same day as your appointment. Firstly, our 3D scanning machine will take the impression of your mouth and then, guided by your dentist, the equipment will create a mathematically precise dental crown that’s fitted on the same day.

I Want A Same Day Crown… How Do I Go About Getting One?

To get swift and effective cosmetic dentistry solutions at a no gap dentist Palm Beach, book in with a dentist near me who offers same day crowns, such as Gold Coast Dental Haus. Contact us on (07) 5521 0536 or and we will fit you in as soon as possible.

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