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Custom Nightguards In Palm Beach

Nightguards are essential for safeguarding your tooth enamel if you grind your teeth overnight. At Dental Haus, we can craft custom-made nightguards to suit the exact shape and size of your teeth and mouth. Custom nightguards are most effective for protecting your smile, and they can also be most comfortable while you are trying to sleep.

Simple Nightguard Process

With our modern dental technology, we can streamline the process of crafting your custom nightguard. After taking an impression of your smile, our dentists will be able to generate a strong, durable, and effective nightguard that can prevent your bottom and top teeth from touching as you clench or grind during the night.

A Comfortable, Modern Experience

At Dental Haus, we want our patients to have a positive experience. That’s why our specialist dental team have established an ultra-modern clinic environment, boasting advanced dental technology and innovative treatment methods. With our ultimate focus on dental excellence, we are setting the standards high in the dental industry.

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