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How often do children need to see the dentist?

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Most of us would know the recommendation that adults should visit their local dental clinic every six months, or more regularly if they are experiencing problems. In adulthood, most of your teeth have already come through and there is unlikely to be much change occurring (except for wisdom teeth), so the six-month appointment is often just for a check-up and hygiene treatment.

But, does the same rule apply to children? Kids experience continual evolution in their mouth – first with their baby teeth coming through, then losing those baby teeth, and then gaining their adult teeth. With so much change occurring, it makes sense that children might need to see a dentist more regularly. Children are also typically more susceptible to tooth decay, because they may not understand the importance of oral care when they are so young.

Our team suggests that you start sending your child to the dentist at age one. This will allow your child to build a relationship with their Gold Coast dentist from a young age, and a customised preventative plan can be developed from the very beginning. Moving forward, you should stick to biannual dental check-ups to ensure that no issues are developing, and everything is on track.

In saying that, whenever your child is experiencing issues or concerns between biannual appointments, you should also ensure to see a trusted Palm Beach dental professional.

Signs that you need to book a dentist appointment for your child

As a parent of a young children, it can be difficult to know whether your child’s issues warrant a visit to a professional practitioner, or if they are just going through something normal.

Some of the indications that you should book a dental appointment for your child include:

  • Your child hasn’t seen a dentist in six months or more
  • Your child is complaining of pain in or around their mouth
  • Your child has chipped/damaged/broken a tooth
  • Your child has extensively bleeding gums or tongue
  • Your children’s adult teeth are coming through crooked or abnormally
  • Your children’s breathing, chewing, or drinking is heavily impacted by the state of their teeth
  • You’re interested in orthodontic services, such as braces or Invisalign, for your child

If your children are experiencing extreme pain, you may want to request an emergency dentist consultation with your trusted local clinic. Most of the best dental clinics on the Gold Coast offer emergency dental services, so you should be able to get your child to a dentist on the same day you enquire.

At Dental Haus, we provide a broad range of dental services, including specialised children’s dentistry. We can take care of your little ones in their younger years and beyond. As they grow older, we can even offer orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry should they desire it.

Given the recent shutdowns of many Palm Beach dental clinics due to COVID-19 restrictions, you may want to book a regular check-up soon. Contact our team to book an appointment today.

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