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Has Everyone In Your Family Visited A Dentist This Year?


2020 has been an interesting and chaotic year for many families, individuals, and businesses alike. In the cycle of businesses opening and closing due to the pandemic, you might have forgotten to send your children to a regular biannual check-up at their dentist near me.

As the year draws to a close, now is the perfect time to book an appointment with your Palm Beach dentist and get started on the right foot for the New Year. A regular check-up with a dentist will ensure there is nothing wrong with your children’s oral health and remind them of the importance of protecting and caring for their teeth as their mouth develops over the next year.

If you have private health insurance, you may also be able to maximise your health fund benefits by using the remainder of your yearly claim limit. Most health funds refresh their benefits at the start of a new calendar year. So you may want to take advantage of your remaining credit and spend up to the yearly limit by booking an appointment with your dentist near me.

Children’s oral health is important because they experience much change in their mouths in their younger years. Good habits now will set them up for a positive future with their teeth and gums.


Don’t forget about your own oral health!

When you are so focused on your children and coordinating their social/schooling schedules, it’s easy to forget about your own oral health. By brushing and flossing your own teeth every day, you will set a good example for your children and encourage them to follow suit. Monkey see, monkey do!

At our dental clinic in Palm Beach, we appreciate that fitting dentist appointment into your week can be difficult. That’s why we recommend having back-to-back appointments for your family and getting all your treatment completed in one morning or afternoon. Plus, our emergency dentist appointments aren’t just limited to children – we can help adults too.


Choosing a gentle family dental clinic can make a world of difference.

Visiting any Gold Coast dental clinic can be a scary experience for young ones and adults too!  So it’s important that you book appointments with a friendly dental clinic, that will provide a comfortable and welcoming space for your family. This will allow you to get the best advice, best treatment, best customer service, and feel genuinely motivated to visit the clinic every six months.

At the Dental Haus, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most progressive Palm Beach dental services. Our family dental clinic and expert Gold Coast Dental Haus team are best known for:

  • Gentle dental treatment
  • A wide range of services and treatment options
  • Flexible payment methods and affordable dental care
  • Leading-edge cosmetic dentistry
  • Modern technology and tools
  • Convenient location
  • Ample experience treating families and individuals

If you would like to experience the benefits at a no gap dentist Palm Beach, contact the Dental Haus team by phoning us on (07) 5521 0536 or book an appointment online now.

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