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Gold Coast Root Canal Treatment – Everything You Need To Know


Are you familiar with the ins and outs of root canal treatment, a common dental procedure at your dentist Palm Beach? In this article, Gold Coast Dental Haus will be explaining when a root canal is necessary, what it involves, and its benefits.

What is a root canal?

A root canal, also called endodontic treatment, is a type of dental procedure that may be required when the interior of the tooth is infected. The material within this area is called pulp. It includes all the components that keep the outside of your tooth healthy and well when teeth are growing, including its vessels and nerves.

The root canal procedure at your dentist Palm Beach removes this infected pulp and replaces it with a filling. It restores the functionality of your tooth and, in this way, allows you to keep your natural teeth. Usually after an initial examination, your dentist will call for an X-ray to assess the need and the necessary specifics of the procedure.

How does tooth decay lead to a root canal?

How does the inside of the tooth become infected, you ask? The answer is usually tooth decay. Tooth decay is a condition associated with low saliva levels and excessive consumption of sugar.

Sugar allows the plaque bacteria in your mouth to generate acid that eats away at the exterior dentine of your teeth, forming cavities and eventually – if left untreated – reaching the pulp.

Several other conditions may also cause damaged tooth pulp, including acute dental trauma while playing sports, bruxism (tooth clenching and grinding), and gum disease.

How can I tell if I have infected pulp?

Infected pulp from tooth decay often causes numerous symptoms that may cause Gold Coast community members to come into our Dentist Palm Beach. These symptoms include sharp tooth pain, tooth ache, pain when you bite or chew, hot and cold sensitivity, a weakening of the tooth roots and wobbly teeth, and gum swelling and emission of pus.

Why should I get a root canal?

The most immediate reason to get a root canal at your Palm Beach Dentist is to relieve your tooth pain by a visit to your no gap dentist Palm Beach. Your Palm Beach dentist will also provide several other compelling reasons to have a root canal performed if you are suffering from advanced tooth decay.

Sometimes an infection or an abscess (a collection of pus) can lead to infection in the bone around the tooth, which can lead to the jawbone wearing away. The damage can also loosen the tooth root or become so bad that the tooth must be removed, affecting appearance when at the front of the mouth and functionality when at the rear (making it harder to bite and chew).

This will then require a more extensive treatment later with your dentist Palm Beach such as a dental crown, dental bridge, dentures or dental implants.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of infected pulp or tooth decay, we encourage you to contact our Palm Beach dental surgery Gold Coast Dental Haus to have the condition of your teeth assessed.



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