What Do Facial Injectables Achieve?

Facial injectables, otherwise known as dermal fillers or collagen fillers, are one of the most popular and effective cosmetic treatments sought after by Australians. At our no gap dentist palm beach, we are proud to offer comprehensive injectables solutions for our patients in conjunction with our other dental services. Facial injectables aren’t all the same,

Tooth Sensitivity: What Treatment Options Are Available?

Tooth sensitivity can ruin a meal or snack quick-smart. The sharp (and often excruciating) pain associated with sensitive teeth can be unbearable, especially when eating hot and cold foods. When you have tooth sensitivity, it becomes very difficult to enjoy some of the world’s greatest foods, like ice cream and cold drinks. How unfortunate is

Has Everyone In Your Family Visited A Dentist This Year?

2020 has been an interesting and chaotic year for many families, individuals, and businesses alike. In the cycle of businesses opening and closing due to the pandemic, you might have forgotten to send your children to a regular biannual check-up at their dentist near me. As the year draws to a close, now is the

How Can You Get A Perfect Smile (Naturally)?

There are several cosmetic dentistry treatments and orthodontic solutions available for straightening, whitening, and repairing your teeth. However, some people prefer to enhance and maintain their beautiful and perfect smile through natural methods. Naturally keeping your oral health at top-notch can avoid large costs at the dentist, and prevent a world of pain in the

5 Facts About Wisdom Teeth

It always seems that just when you think all your dental woes are over, your wisdom teeth decide to make an appearance. These teeth, otherwise known as third molars, can cause much hassle and annoyance for young adults, especially when a tooth is impacted or becomes infected. Below are five facts about wisdom teeth, as

3 Signs You Need Emergency Dentistry

Many Gold Coast locals experience oral concerns and wonder if their issue warrants a visit to their dentist near me. At the Dental Haus, we strongly recommend that you visit your Palm Beach dentist every six months for a regular check-up, and book in for an emergency appointment in between if any irregular issues arise.

Invisalign vs Braces: What Is Best For You?

Metal braces are a traditional form of orthodontic treatment that involves bands, brackets, wires and spacers to gradually realign crooked teeth. In more recent years, clear aligners have been created as an alternative solution for moving teeth. Invisalign is a popular brand of clear aligners in the Gold Coast. Ever since clear aligners have made

All You Need to Know About Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry involves actively caring for your teeth to reduce the likelihood of problems arising in the future. Here at the Dental Haus, our Gold Coast dental clinic is committed to providing the best advice on preventative dentistry. As seasoned dentists in Palm Beach, we know that unfortunately most dental problems occur because the patient

How often do children need to see the dentist?

Most of us would know the recommendation that adults should visit their local dental clinic every six months, or more regularly if they are experiencing problems. In adulthood, most of your teeth have already come through and there is unlikely to be much change occurring (except for wisdom teeth), so the six-month appointment is often

Why COVID-19 Is Not A Good Time To DIY Teeth Whiten

Discoloured teeth can be frustrating and unpleasant – let’s be honest – and although this self-isolation period may seem to be an ideal time for finally brightening up your smile, we suggest that you steer clear of potentially harmful DIY teeth whitening kits. There’s a good reason why… DIY home-based teeth whitening kits pose several