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All You Need to Know About Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry involves actively caring for your teeth to reduce the likelihood of problems arising in the future. Here at the Dental Haus, our Gold Coast dental clinic is committed to providing the best advice on preventative dentistry.

As seasoned dentists in Palm Beach, we know that unfortunately most dental problems occur because the patient hasn’t adequately looked after their teeth. Although some dental issues are genetic, most can be stopped by engaging with preventative dentistry.

Dental care isn’t something that you can choose to do whenever it suits you. For totally health teeth and gums, you must conduct daily maintenance routines. You should also visit a dentist near me every six months to gain a professional perspective on how healthy your mouth is. While caring for your teeth is an investment in time and money now, it will end up saving you much pain and cost in the future.

Some of the main ways you can take care of your teeth to ensure they remain strong and health include:

  • Listening to advice from your Gold Coast dentist regarding oral care
  • Seeking regular oral hygiene treatments from your local dentist (we recommend one every six months)
  • Getting fissure sealants so your teeth have a protective layer to reduce tooth decay
  • Obtaining periodontal care to stop periodontitis before it gets out of control

You should also be sure to visit your dentist whenever anything abnormal happens in your mouth, including bleeding or pain. This can indicate that there is a problem arising, and the best dentists will be able to offer recommendations on how to banish the issue before it requires more serious treatment and attention. At the Dental Haus, we offer emergency dental appointments for anyone seeking immediate, last-minute care.


What if it’s too late for preventative dentistry?

Many people find themselves in a situation where it is too late to implement effective oral care. The damage to their teeth has already been done. If this is the case for you, there is no need to panic. Cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry can help to cover and repair the damage that has been caused over the years.

The important thing is to not be too hard on yourself. Thousands of people across Australia require emergency dental treatment and restorative dentistry. Despite what you may hear, cosmetic dentistry and dental repair doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. There are affordable dental clinics that provide a comprehensive range of treatment options to suit your individual needs.

Some of the treatments that are available in Gold Coast dental clinics include: Invisalign treatment, orthodontics, veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, tooth coloured fillings, root canal therapy, dentures and tooth removal. The Dental Haus team provides all of these dental services, and more, to give you comprehensive oral care.

If you are in desperate need of restorative dentistry, contact our friendly dental team on (07) 5521 0536 and book in for an appointment at our trusted Gold Coast dentist clinic.

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