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5 Facts About Wisdom Teeth


It always seems that just when you think all your dental woes are over, your wisdom teeth decide to make an appearance. These teeth, otherwise known as third molars, can cause much hassle and annoyance for young adults, especially when a tooth is impacted or becomes infected. Below are five facts about wisdom teeth, as provided by your trusted Gold Coast dentists at the Dental Haus.

  1. There are certain ages you can expect your wisdom teeth to show.

For most people, wisdom teeth will start to cause trouble around the ages of 18-25. However, third molars have been known to appear earlier or later than these ages, so you shouldn’t dismiss any pain or discomfort if you are younger or older.

  1. Wisdom teeth can create several problems.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are known to cause havoc. Some common problems with wisdom teeth eruption include: infection of gums, impacted teeth, changes to bite and teeth alignment, serious pain and discomfort. Because wisdom teeth are known to create issues, you must see your Palm Beach dentist as soon as changes occur in your mouth. They can help to prevent any long-term issues and ease any pain you may be suffering.

  1. Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Despite what you may have heard, your wisdom teeth don’t necessarily need to be removed. Some people will experience no problems with their third molars and, instead of removal, their dentist near me may recommend other plans of action, including regular monitoring and hygiene treatments.

  1. Everybody has wisdom teeth.

You’re not alone in this! Everyone has third molars, so their eruption is an inevitable thing that is certain to take place at some point in your lifetime. Some people have similar wisdom teeth to their parents, so if you are wondering when yours may come through, you might like to query your mum and dad about their experiences.

  1. You must visit your dentist near me when your wisdom teeth start to appear.

Your local dentist is going to be a great help as your mouth undergoes wisdom teeth change. No matter how you perceive your third molars to be coming through, you should book an appointment with your Gold Coast dentist as soon as you recognise any developments in this area. Your dentist will have the best technology and knowledge to interpret what is going on in your mouth and determine whether an action is required. By taking X-rays, they will also be able to assess details that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

If you are noticing any change in your mouth as a young adult, we highly recommend that you contact the Dental Haus. Our dental clinic in Palm Beach has assisted hundreds of patients who are dealing with the eruption of their wisdom teeth, and we have the experience and skills to support you too. Contact our friendly team today on (07) 5521 0536.

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