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3 Signs You Need Emergency Dentistry


Many Gold Coast locals experience oral concerns and wonder if their issue warrants a visit to their dentist near me. At the Dental Haus, we strongly recommend that you visit your Palm Beach dentist every six months for a regular check-up, and book in for an emergency appointment in between if any irregular issues arise. There is no harm seeing a dentist ‘just in case’.

When in doubt, you can always contact your dentist Palm Beach and explain your circumstances over the phone. The best dentists will be happy to answer some queries over the phone and book you in for an emergency dental appointment if necessary. Below are three signs that you definitely need to visit your Palm Beach dentist.

  1. You have tooth pain.

Tooth pain is never normal, and it could be a sign that something is wrong in your mouth. Tooth pain can arise as a result of: tooth decay, broken or chipped teeth, gum disease, or other health problems. A check-up with your dentist near me will help you to understand what is going on and what can be done to eliminate the tooth pain.

  1. You have a broken/damaged tooth.

If you have chipped and damaged teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be an option for you. Our dental clinic offers a range of cosmetic treatments and services to help repair and rejuvenate your smile, including: teeth whitening, orthodontics, Invisalign, tooth coloured fillings, veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges. Even if you do not want cosmetic repair, seeing a dentist Gold Coast is still critical so your mouth can be thoroughly assessed by a professional. There may be issues that you can’t see yourself, whereas a qualified dentist will be able to notice them.

Broken and damaged teeth are common amongst people who play high contact sports, such as football, soccer, netball, and rugby. Some children also have injuries and chipped teeth from adventure activities, such as water or snow skiing. Hence, the best way to prevent getting chipped and damaged teeth is by wearing a customised mouthguard made by your dentist near me.

  1. Your gums are bleeding.

Bleeding gums can be an indication of gum diseases, including gingivitis. If you notice blood when you eat or brush your teeth, it is important that you address the issue as soon as possible. You should book an appointment with your Palm Beach dentist and have a dental check-up as well as a hygiene treatment.

Thankfully, when gum disease is in its early stages, it can often be stopped in its track. The key is to obtain advice from your no gap dentist Palm Beach and understand what preventative measures you can take to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate. Your Palm Beach dental clinic is most likely to recommend a strict oral hygiene routine. This will keep your teeth and gums healthy, and reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth. Treatment from a hygienist will also assist with this.


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